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SBB Mobile is one of Switzerland’s most widely used apps. Each day thousands upon thousands of timetable enquiries and ticket purchases are madewith this mobile application. But why not see for yourself just what practical features SBB Mobile has to offer?

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SBB Mobile is the Swiss app of the year.

SBB Mobile has been selected as the best app of 2016 at the annual “Best of Swiss Apps” industry event. The decision was made by a specialist jury, readers of Netzwoche magazine and the audience present at the awards.

iVette Michel now explains why.

A touch timetable.

Timetable enquiries have never been easier: just touch the desired place of departure and destination on your display – no need to type anything! The ticket can then be conveniently purchased in a matter of seconds by simply swiping the screen. In addition, you can save locations in the new touch timetable along with photos of loved ones or other pictures you have taken.

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A quick purchasing process.

You don’t need to use your password to purchase tickets that cost less than 40 Swiss francs, which makes the ticketing process easier and faster.

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Regional transport tickets in two clicks.

When you’re using public transport in cities or urban areas, the app’s GPS localisation feature will display the closest stops of the respective fare network on the app’s start page. This means the right departure stop automatically appears on the display and you can purchase your regional transport ticket quickly and easily.

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Your travel companion.

Which platform is your train departing from? Is your train delayed perhaps? Is there any construction work going on, or have platform changes been made? The new travel companion feature keeps you informed in real time before and during your journey – and will even wake you up when it’s time to change trains. What’s more, in the event that you are unable to catch your connecting train due to a delay, your travel companion will automatically suggest alternative connections. This information is available for train connections within Switzerland and for connections to France, Germany and Austria. Information on trams and buses in larger cities will be added soon.

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SwissPass Half-Fare travelcard integrated into SBB Mobile tickets.

You can store your Half-Fare travelcard from your SwissPass in the SBB Mobile app, which means you won’t have to show it separately when your ticket is checked in future. Your ticket simply needs to be checked using SBB Mobile.






Your personal start page.

Just a few clicks is all it takes to access your most important features even more quickly. Naturally, you can decide for yourself how to arrange your preferred tiles on your start page.

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Tickets for accompanying passengers.

If you’re travelling with others, you can purchase tickets for them during the same transaction. The process goes even faster when you store the details for accompanying passengers in the app – i.e. name, date of birth and discounts such as the Half-Fare travelcard. For the next purchase, simply select your co-passengers and the corresponding tickets are instantly added to the transaction.

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Tickets displayed on all devices.

If you purchase your ticket at home or at the office using, you no longer need to print out the ticket but can instead simply show it to the ticket inspector on your smartphone.


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